Workflow Automation Solutions

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Workflow is probably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing a successful IT infrastructure for a lead generation website. Generating leads from the web at a high rate requires a work flow for each lead, meaning (what should happen when a new lead is generated?). Workflow Automation reduces manual entry by automatically updating different applications on the cloud (like QuickBookes or an email list) with new incoming leads. It can also allows you to manage request from existing customers by issuing Tickets from your website forms into your CRM. Workflow Automation also reduces errors and re-work. If your Workflow process is incorrect, it means there is a bottle neck in your process, and either it is costing you money or resources, and generally preventing you from providing your customers with better customer service or support.

What are the benefit of FITS Workflow Automation
  • Store leads from your website forms directly on the cloud
  • Transfer leads between your could applications
  • Trigger different events when a new lead is generated
  • Reduces manual entry, errors and time to create a lead .
What cloud applications can I connect with my website forms or with each other
  • Any application on the cloud with Zapier interface can be connected with each other


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