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Website Design for Lead Generation:

We specialize in lead generation website design, our philosophy is based on the following 7 principles:

  • Robust Flexible Code - Responsive, Custom, lean and Fast HTML code using ASP.Net and Bootstrap 4
  • Simple is most effective - Visitors on the average decide with in 3 to 10 seconds if they want to continue viewing a website, a busy website is counterproductive and almost always leads to higher bounce rate. User Interface (UI) vs User Experience (UX)
  • Lead Conversion Strategy - Converting visitors to leads or customers is directly related to how intuitive is the website. People in general don't want to work too hard to understand what you are offering or where to find the information they are seeking. UI vs UX.
  • Balancing Images vs. Copy - The right balance between images and copy is crucial part of the visitor's experience. Although images can communicate the value of an offer with force, copy can communicate value of an offer with precision. FITS does not provide copy or images for your website, you must provide copy and images.
  • Keywords & Phrases - Compare search trends across search engines to optimize your copy to a higher traffic keywords and phrases related to your target market.
  • Event Based Analytics - We tag all the important elements on the website with an event tracking tag to allow you to give a meaningful analytics and to help you understand the behavior of your website visitors.
  • Domain Integration - Integrate your business Apps with your domain and website.


Lead Generation Website


  • Fast Responsive HTML Code, ASP.Net, Bootstrap, JS

  • Smart Forms

  • Data Integration across web Apps

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Google Web Master Tools Integration

  • Design Optimization for Lead Generation

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