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FITS Webmaster Service:

When your business depends on generating leads from the web, developing a lead conversion strategy is must to maintain profitability. FITS provides custom packages to suit your business requirement to insure your domain continues to generate leads from the web at a fixed cost. We manage all necessary services for a domain to maintain the cost of generating leads a fixed cost for your business. We also provide live desktop support & consultation any issue regarding your domain & website. We understand your how much your business depend on generating new leads and we work hard for you to maintain the stream of leads for your business.

Webmaster Plans


  • Web Hosting Service- Microsoft shared Hosting Package
  • Email Service - Up to 50 email boxes
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) - Seamless Domain integration
  • Analytics - Track domain traffic with Google Analytics
  • Professional Live Support 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday
  • Hourly rate for additional work is $100


  • SEO - Monthly Search Engine Optimization for lead generation
  • Data Automation - Automate lead information transfer between web application
  • Tag Manage - Track events with Google Analytics
  • WebMaster Report - Custom report on domain performance.
  • Professional Live Support - 24/7 for all your domain issues.
  • Hourly rate for additional work is $75


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Webmaster Pricing Plans



  • Domain Setup

  • Domain Hosting

  • Email Service

  • DNS Service

  • Google Analytics integration

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  • Includes Basic

  • Monthly SE Optimization

  • Data Automation

  • Custom WebMaster Report

  • 24/7 Live Executive Support

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