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Domain Service:

When your business depends on generating customer leads online, domain service is an essencial tool to stay on top of your domain SEO, Lead Generation and Online Banding. FITS provides you custom support to suit your business requirement and to insure your website continues to generate leads. Domain Service includes:

  • Free Hosting & Email - Microsoft shared Hosting Pachage with Web.com
  • Executive Web Master Report- Monthly Executive Report for your domain activity (Google Data Studio)
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) - Seamless cloud integration
  • Azure AD - Join your Windows 10 computers to your domain
  • Website Changes* - Make fast changes to your website and keep up with marketing trends
  • Event Tracking Code - Literally track any event that is driving traffic to your website
  • Conversion Funnels - Develop conversion funnels for your domain
  • Real Time Reporting - Track changes that effect your website in real time
  • Traffic Analysis - Identify how web traffic is effected by User Interface (UI) vs User Experience (UX)
  • Conversion Source - Identify conversion sources and channels
  • Track Online Marketing - Use remarketing cmapaings to remarket to visitors to your site
  • Website Visitor Drilldown - Learn more about your website's visitor for conversion strategies

* 1 Free Hour each month for website changes, noncumulative, standard hourly rate $50

What are the benifits of FITS Domain Service?:

  • Your domain will be managed by an IT Professional
  • Live support 9 to 5 for all your domain issues
  • Full intergation between domain accounts for bird eye view
  • Track and fix domain errors
  • Monitor domain health and brand name
  • Stay agile against market changes that effect SEO ranking
  • Improve SEO results
  • Improve paid marketing results


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