Online Banding Strategies

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Before building a lead generation website for your business, take the time to develop a Mission Statement and business brand, this will set the tone for all of your branding assets. Developing branding assets for your business is now required by search engines and most social media platforms, also expected by consumers who value loyalty and credibility. We will help you develop consistent professional branding assets (Graphics and Videos) along with developing the User Interface (UI) & the User Experience (UX) for your lead generation website. As you invest in promoting your site, you want to capitalize on the positive consumer reviews to help you stand out in a saturated market and to continue a stream of leads from returning customers. Branding helps your customers recognize you quickly among other competitors and allows you to set your own price for your services.

Branding assets:
  • Mission Statement - A brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. It answers the question, "Why does our business exist?"
  • Logo - Creates your customers' first impression of your company with a meaningful logo that conveys the mission statement.
  • Graphics - Design original graphics that convey your unique message to set your brand apart from competitors
  • Video - Capture a wide audience with video, the modern customer wants to see your product or service in action.

How can FITS help me with branding?

With over 10 years of Social Media experience and a successful track record, we work closely with you to develop the right branding strategy for your business to gain the most credibility in your industry. To learn more please call 760-563-2672


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